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"Apparently Sunshine loves Canine Country as much or more than I do.  All we have to do is tell her that she is going to “Canine Country” and she can’t contain herself because she’s so excited.  Thanks to Canine Country and their wonderful staff!!!" - Cathy Harrell

"The staff at Canine Country is fabulous! Super friendly and so great with Bear! He just loves going to see his buddies at camp!" - Denise Cascardi


"Services at Canine Country are always above and beyond. Grooming  Dazzle and our other two dogs look beautiful!" - Susan Hartman

"Shiloh always has a great time when she vacations at CC. I always know that she is safe and loved."  -Kathy Risso 

"Exceeded expectations. Our Bernese mountain dog Bailey came home one tired happy puppy." - Jackie Pope

"We love Canine Country and couldn’t be happier with the love and care our Bella receives every time she is there. Thank you!!" - Debbie Dearman

"My sweet baby gets so excited when we pull in! He has so much fun and sleeps well for days after!" - Amy painter

"1st class operation!" -Gil Hamilton 

"My dog likes it there more than he likes being home! 😊" -Sam Glenn 

"Charlie and Jordan have made Scout feel so at-ease. They always plan activities he will enjoy! He loves going to Day Camp! We love that he is so happy there!" - Claire Raub

"My expectations for Palmer’s grooming are always met and exceeded! The professionalism of all staff at Canine Country is shown in their work-our dog always leaves Canine Country looking amazing, from the cut to the smell, absolutely perfect! You can tell every staff member at Canine Country love what they do, our dog runs into Canine Country ready for a great day!!! We are grateful to everyone who loves and takes care of our dog as though he belonged to them. Thank you!!!" -Jacqui Ford

"As always I am so pleased with Debbie and her staff. O’Malley is well taken care of and they know what he likes. Thanks again for making my travels so easy with knowing my Boy is well cared for and loved." - Barbara Letendre

"Chopper knows when we are on the way to Canine Country and he’s so excited when we pull in the entrance! He loves day camp!" - Donna Blythe

"Menace receives attention and care immediately upon arrival. He is excited when he hears he's going to daycare and is ready to play as soon as we pull in! He comes home tired from a long day of play. He is learning positive behaviors that can be seen at home." - Jenna Crater