We offer Camp Monday through Saturday by reservation only.

What is Day Camp? 

Day Camp is a “social club” for our canines while with us Monday through Saturday. We take the time to ensure your pet will be in a social group suited to their own personal temperament, personality, and play style. The group sizes range from two to ten dogs each and include the following: 

  • Personal attention from our caring staff 
  • Nose to tail relaxing rub down 
  • Additional potty breaks to boarding stay 
  • Sessions of group play and quiet time 
  • Frisbee play  
  • Fetch 
  • Basic obedience reinforcement 
  • Group exercises  
  • Strengthen socialization skills  


  • Male dogs must be neutered if over one year 
  • All Vaccines required: Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella (every 6 months), Rabies 
  • We accept pets after 4 months of age 
  • Day Camp should be paid in advance to simplify drop-offs and pick-ups 

Who is a candidate for Day Camp? 

  • Puppies that need socialization and help with household training 
  • High energy pets  
  • Pets that need extracurricular activity  
  • Pets that want to have a great time and make new friends! 

Day camp packages

We offer two options for day camp depending on the number of play sessions that best suits your pet: 

Day Camp Gold  (3 play sessions)    

 $36.00 per day   

Day Camp Silver (2 play sessions)  

$29.00 per day         

10 day and 20 day packages are available at a discounted rate 

Pets already Lodging can add Day Camp Gold for only $20.00 per day, Day Camp Silver for only $13.00 per day, or Day camp Bronze for $7.00 per day (you cannot use pkg. credits) 

“For your convenience, we would like to have a card on file to simplify drop-offs and pick-ups" 

We are not a training facility; pets that require extensive obedience training or temperament training will not be a good fit for our day camp.